Bitcoints: Cotton Blockchain Consortium on Hyperledger Fabric Code Formed by The Seam and IBM

The Seam is forming a new consortium in collaboration with IT giant IBM to provide distributed ledger solutions for the cotton businesses globally

A commodities trading and agribusiness software provider, The Seam, has teamed up with IBM to establish a cotton blockchain consortium for the global cotton industry.

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Gizmorati: IBM’s Blockchain Consortium with The Seam Deploys ‘Hyperledger’ for Cotton Trading

U.S. commodities trading and agribusiness software provider The Seam, which has cleared or processed over $7 billion through its cloud-based platforms, is forming a blockchain consortium in conjunction with IBM for the billion dollar global cotton industry deployed on the Hyperledger Fabric, with the project kicking off early this year and poised to yield significant efficiencies.

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DCE Brief: The Seam Partners with IBM to Form Cotton Blockchain Consortium

Commodity trading and management systems company The Seam announced that it is collaborating with IBM to create a cotton industry consortium devoted to the creation of a blockchain-based “supply chain and trading ecosystem.” The effort will make use of IBM’s blockchain technology and expertise, and will use the Hyperledger Fabric in an industry-first.

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Brave New Coin: The Seam and IBM launch the first cotton industry blockchain consortium

Commodities markets rarely feature in blockchain conversations, but if Memphis-based commodities brokerage The Seam and their technology partners at IBM and Hyperledger are successful, cotton will be the first commodity where an industry-wide consortium takes advantage of a blockchain to improve the trade process.

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Newbium: IBM and The Seam formed a consortium cotton blockchain

Commodity trading and management system The Seam announced that they are working closely with IBM to create a consortium of the cotton industry devoted to the creation of blockchain based “trade supply chain and the ecosystem.” Efforts will utilize blockchain IBM technology and expertise, and will use Fabric Hyperledger in the industry-first.

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Fibre2Fashion: The Seam, IBM partner to form cotton blockchain consortium

The Seam, a commodities trading and agribusiness software provider has partnered with IBM to form a blockchain consortium for the global cotton industry. The company intends to lead an industry-wide collaboration initiative to create a supply chain and trading ecosystem built on IBM blockchain technology, specifically using the hyperledger fabric.

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